Data Miners Blog

A place to read about topics of interest to data miners, ask questions of the data mining experts at Data Miners, Inc., and discuss the books of Gordon Linoff and Michael Berry. This blog (  is written by…

Blogs on analytics: dataminingblog

This blog by Sandro Saitta, a Swiss national, covers research issues, recent applications, important events, interviews with leading actors, current trends and book reviews in the field of analytics. The blog has some interesting book

In-store surveys

Indian retailers are yet to understand and utilize successfully, the power of surveys. An intelligently designed and executed survey can provide powerful insights about the customers.What can surveys tell you? Customer demographics: 74%

Store Clustering

Store Clustering is a popular analytic technique in the retail domain. It is employed to build relevant store segments which are homogenous in certain behavioral aspects and can be targeted using the same marketing strategy. Store…

Another Interesting Analytics Blog

This is another one of our favourite blogs. The Abbot analytics blog is about “Tips, tricks, and comments in data mining and predictive analytics, including data preprocessing, visualization, modeling, and model deployment” Anyone…