More Experience= Greater Salary Growth


Data science is sexy! Indeed, data analysts and scientists are in such big demand that companies are willing to pay big bucks for professionals who have the right data skill sets. If you have chosen to begin a career in data analytics, you’re on the right track and can look forward to work that is enriching and exciting, with great prospects.

The recently published 2016 Salary Report for the Analytics Industry by Analytics Vidhya and Jigsaw Academy provides some great insights for analytics professionals. One of the many interesting findings of the report is about the kind of salary increase one can expect after a few years in the analytics industry. The report states that, “Analysts can expect an astronomical increase in their earnings once they cross the 5-year mark.” The report reveals that the biggest jump in salaries is seen after the 5-year mark, when analysts can expect a raise of up to 70% with an average pay of 12.3 lakhs p.a. A decade of experience can boost this figure by more than 250%.

The key take away from this report is that Data analytics will start you off at a big salary, nearly 6 lakhs p.a., and if you stay in the industry, you can expect your career to experience fantastic growth in terms of salary, exposure, and promotions. But remember you have to commit to being a lifelong learner. The data industry is revolutionary and as such new tools and advancements crop up at a rapid pace. You must be able to keep up with what is relevant and in-demand. Stay focused and informed and you will be able to realize your dreams, all while earning  good money.

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