Making the Analytics Jump with Jigsaw Academy



Analytics is on the horizon for many a professional. The last coupe of years has seen professionals from different sectors and with different backgrounds embrace analytics as a career option, and for most, there was no looking back after that.

One of them is Syed Zabiullah, who currently works as a Data Analyst for a business services company. In conversation with us, he talked to us about his motivations for pursuing analytics, his experience learning it, and what he looks forward to in this career. Here is his account, in his own words:

1. What prompted you to change your career focus to analytics?

My educational background is in Mechanical Engineering and I have always had a knack for working with numbers and statistics. Through the years, I have thought about picking up analytics skills, but the timing never seemed right. But I did understand that analytics could be used to solve business problems across sectors. I was positive that I wanted to work with data and when I finally made that decision to devote my time and attention to it, I can truly say it has been amazing the kind of work I have been able to do.

2. What was your thought process behind enrolling for a Data Science course with Jigsaw?

Just like everyone else, I did my research on how and where I can learn analytics the right way. I needed something which would disrupt my work-life, and this is one of the reasons I had a strong inclination for Jigsaw Academy, owing to its flexibility of how I can attend the classes and learn. I really liked the responsiveness that I got. Since I wasn’t sure of which course to pick, I really liked the fact that it was well explained to me what my options are and how I can move forward with this. The amount of confidence and dedication people had right from the time I called made me feel extremely comfortable.

3. How would you describe your experience learning analytics?

At the very start of the course, I struggled and was a bit overwhelmed. It definitely seemed like a challenge to work a full-time job and study simultaneously. But once I got into the groove of the course, I started enjoying what I was learning, especially since the content was comprehensive and extremely relevant to industry practices.

I had limited programming experience before the course and it felt like an uphill task learning it. But now it comes very easily to me and I can confidently code for analytics applications. What really kept me on track with my learning is the constant follow ups and checks from the Jigsaw team who helped me keep focus and complete my course on time.

It felt like I was back in a classroom with lot of support from the team. The detailed teaching and explanation has helped me learn more quickly and efficiently. Now when I work on a real time problem in a professional setting, I just go back to what I learnt and what was taught in the course, and I’m able to apply that in a real-world job environment. I was taught not only the tools and techniques of analytics and data science, but also how to put things together and make sense of the information in a business context – which I realize now is an essential skill a Data Analyst.

4. What would be your advice for analytics aspirants?

I’d say do not fall for the hype. Yes, there is tremendous scope in analytics, but unless you are willing to put in the recommended hard work and determination, you will not see the desired results. The greater deal of the learning comes out of the part where you can sit down and solve the problem – that is what you need to learn. If you are from a non-programming background, stick to the course content and you should do just fine. The way the course is designed, it is more than enough for you to pick up the skills easily. Since the course begins right from the basics, all you need to do is practice as necessary and work on the assignments – this gives you lots of hands-on learning which is extremely useful.

Syed Zabiullah is now a practising Data Analyst. Do you want to begin your analytics career? Reach out to us today

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