Jigsaw turns 5!


On the occasion of Jigsaw’s 5th birthday, we interviewed our CEO, Gaurav Vohra on the story of Jigsaw, the years gone by and what he’s looking forward to in the years to come.

Interview with Gaurav Vohra, CEO – Jigsaw Academy

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Did you imagine 5 years ago that you would be where the company is today?

Sometimes we find it really difficult to believe that we have finished five years. When we started, we were in a small office, with a small team and in some sense we had not anticipated so much growth. We knew we had a great idea and we were willing to grow the business as much as we could, but I don’t know if we really had any numbers in mind, so we didn’t imagine we will have this many employees and these many offices! But we did build a great team and it has been fun growing the business. Part of what makes it great to come to work is the fact that we have such a great team, and everyone is pretty much interested in building the experience the same way. 

Though so much has changed from when we first began, in terms of our vision, in some sense it has stayed constant. We want to provide quality, useful training to participants so they use data in their daily lives. We want to make content that is useful and that students find easy to learn. We want to make sure they get a really good experience and that no matter what, we always want to provide the best quality.

We have had some funny moments. Like when we had two offices, and had to suddenly evacuate one office, we had everyone working from the one office which could actually accommodate 35 people; but there were 70 people working out of it. That was a funny and interesting few weeks, an experience we wouldn’t want to repeat again!

What is the secret of Jigsaw’s success?

We largely owe our success to our focus on quality. We have always felt that if you do a good job and if you deliver what you have promised, then your customers are happy and that’s how growth happens. It is very easy in the beginning to try and take short cuts, but in the long-run you are just going to spend a lot of time trying to make up for the short cuts.

Has Jigsaw changed you?

Yes Jigsaw has changed us, in many ways – both professionally and personally. Unlike in corporate set ups, the decisions we take affect a lot of people, so we really have to be careful and put in the time to ensure we make good decisions. This is a heavy responsibility, but this has also given us a lot of confidence. Today we know that we have a clear vision, and if we don’t muddle that up, or get distracted, then, things will work successfully.

What is your advice to budding start-ups?

Don’t get caught up in the madness that’s happening right now, focus on building a business that you can sustain by yourself, that you enjoy running in the long run. Don’t build a business with the VC’s vision; build a business with your vision.

There are going to be lots of ups and downs in building a business. But if you know exactly what problem you are trying to solve, just focus on that problem, that is key. The business has to be sustainable and don’t expect to make money immediately. Not all businesses are the same, but you should have an idea of when that is going to be, and it should be sooner rather than later. It can’t be 100% reliant on funding.

What is your message to your students and the team at Jigsaw on the company’s 5th anniversary?

To our team – a heartfelt thank you. Clearly we have had a lot of support from all of you. A lot of what we have accomplished would have been much harder if we didn’t have the right team. Our biggest achievement in the last five years is building this team. Now we have a great platform, we have all the resources, so in the next few years, we all need to show, how much we can do, given the right platform and the right resources.

To our students – we appreciate you for being our brand ambassadors. We will always focus on providing stellar student experiences and in the coming months you will see many new initiatives that will improve your Jigsaw experience.

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