Happy New Year from Jigsaw Academy!


Sarita D

Looking back & looking forward by Sarita Digumarti, COO – Jigsaw Academy: 2015 & 2016

As we look back on the year that has been, we are filled with a huge sense of accomplishment. We know this success has been a team effort and belongs as much to all of you, our students, our team and our other partners, as it does to us.

When we started the year we were at a stage where we were growing very rapidly and we anticipated another very interesting and high growth year. That’s definitely happened. We have had to look for new office spaces, having expanded our team to quite a large extent. We have also achieved many milestones this year, the most significant one being the funding.

We started thinking about the funding process towards the middle of the year and it’s been amazing that we were able to achieve it before the year end. More than the funding itself, we are excited about who we are being funded by. We are now partners with the Manipal group, who are established in the space of education, and we are privileged to be associated with them.

Now that we have funding, we want to use it smartly and invest it in a couple of strategic initiatives, that will enable us to reach a larger number of people and hopefully make a bigger impact. For example, we are going to spend a lot more on marketing and creating brand awareness, especially outside India. At present, though we have several enrolments from students outside India, we haven’t done any targeted marketing for this. So one of our goals, is to strategically increase the foreign student penetration significantly in the next year or so with the added resources at our disposal now.

We also want to scale up our B2B business, and are working on a product where we can get large volume deals for corporates. We also want to build other verticals in content delivery. We will be focussed on data but we will have other things to develop that are both across the breadth and depth of data related subject matter.

Though the funding has been a big highlight for us professionally, we have also had other highs during the year; months where student enrolments were very high, where corporate revenues really grew and a successful batch of Bocconi graduates, to name a few.  The feedback we have received from this first batch of Bocconi students has also been very positive, and means a lot, especially because Bocconi is a very well regarded university in Europe. The fact that we were able to jointly deliver the marketing and then do the delivery of the course successfully has been a big plus for us.  We have also launched a number of new and interesting courses, like Analytics for Leaders, so that has been another highlight.

On the retail side we have made a lot of improvements in our content production process. Now we have a very strong process in place to identify great SMEs across the world. We also had a website launch this year, which got us incremental student enrolments. Broadly speaking we have continued to grow, very aggressively. From B2C individual student enrolments, to college revenues to corporate revenues, we have managed to grow and generate more courses, better course content and a better student experience. Over all, we feel like it’s a good story and we’ve been able to manage it with our premium pricing model. Students still choose to come to us for high quality course content and high quality student experience, one that we strive to always be able to deliver.