Building a career in Financial analytics


Analytics plays an important in the financial services domain. Applications of analytics are plenty – credit scoring, claims processing, hedging, portfolio analysis, and customer analytics to name a few.

Building models for credit scoring to identify risky customers, identifying fraudulent transactions using pattern detection, identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities – these are all examples of application of analytics in the financial services sector.

What skills are required?

Strong quantitative skills are required in this field. A Financial analyst deals with large volumes of data, numerous spread-sheets and variety of financial and statistical measures.

Financial services companies usually store and analyse huge amounts of data. A knowledge of analytical tools such as SAS, Excel, SPSS or R is therefore essential.

Domain knowledge is vital for a successful application of analytics to any business problem. A knowledge of the banking, credit-card and insurance industries is therefore very desirable in financial analytics.

Jigsaw Academy is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved Financial analytics course.

Who should attend this course?

If you are an analyst seeking to enhance your skills by

  • Developing an understanding of the financial services domain
  • Learning the various analytic techniques widely used in financial services

Here is an interview with one of our students who recently went through this course.


Prateek Agrawal

Analyst- Credit Policy at Citibank India

Prior Experience

MBA from MDI, Gurgaon; Manager (Credit) at Bank of Baroda

1. Why did you choose to move into analytics?

I was working as a credit analyst in a bank and wanted to move to credit analytics where i can use my understanding of credit and analytical skills to solve business problems using data.

2. . How did you start preparing for the career transition?

I started revising the basics of statistics, SAS and learn the different modelling techniques through internet.

3. How did Jigsaw Academy help you?

I was not able to find a place from where i can learn the different modelling techniques. This is where Jigsaw came in picture where both Sarita and Gaurav helped me in learning the different tools and the practical application of different modelling techniques through real life case studies.

4. Will you recommend this course to others?

I will highly recommend the course for aspirants willing to pursue a career in analytics. It would help you to learn the different tools and techniques required to work in field of analytics. Both Sarita and Gaurav are seasoned analytics professionals and are always there to guide you and clear your doubts during and after the completion of course.


Interested in a career in Financial Analytics? Read more about Jigsaw Academy’s Financial Analytics Course.

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