Big Data + Data Science = Big Bucks


It would be clichéd to say that Big Data has revolutionized the data domain, but infact it is something of an understatement. The buzz surrounding Big Data and Data Science just doesn’t seem to be dying down, and rightly so. Data generation is a pervasive feature of contemporary business processes and practices.  Big data analysts and data scientists are the go-to people for processing this data.

Each skillset on its own fetches premium pay packages, but together they form a potent combination. An analyst with both big data and data science skills can command a salary of 13.1 LPA (lakhs per annum), which is a good 33% more than what Big Data Analysts make (9.8 LPA) and about 37% higher than the average data scientist’s earnings (9.5 LPA). Why all this extra moolah you ask? Well, two is always better than one! Such an analyst can manage the end-to-end process of data analysis, right from finding and extracting data for valuable insights to organizing and processing said data.

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This is probably the best time to be a jack of all trades, seeing how businesses these days are clamouring for analysts with multi-tool skillsets; people with more than one skill can therefore command a higher salary.

From an organizational perspective, having employees who can address a range of analytics needs keeps operating expenses low, and streamlines workflow. In an age in which job roles are fluid, and employees are expected to work in multiple capacities at a company, being multi-skilled certainly helps one stay ahead of the game.

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