7 Core Articles on Data Science You must Read


Data science is an ever-evolving industry. Ask any prominent data scientist or an industry expert and he or she would say that an analytics aspirant needs to stay constantly updated about the industry. Be it the programming languages involved in analytics, the industry’s functioning and recruitment process, the tools used, the advancements in its allied fields like IoT, Machine Learning and more, there’s a lot happening around analytics.

So, you need to keep reading a lot about it to stay ahead. For that, you need to subscribe to one of the most authoritative blogs online and read some really insightful articles on Data Science. As an initiative, we’ve compiled 7 such articles that will give you helpful information on the subject. Check them out.

Google’s TensorFlow Object Detection API


Every time you visit Google’s research blog, you can find the company working on something out of the world and unbelievable. As part of its Big Data research, it published an article on its working on machine learning systems designed to improve its services and products. The deep learning technology is all about the machines identifying several objects on an image – yes, on an image.

A Non-technical Guide to Understanding Machine Learning


For beginners, machine learning has always been complex. While most of the articles on machine learning and its advantages for businesses are oriented towards developers and pros, this article just makes it easy for non-technical people to understand.

Data Visualization Community on Reddit


Before you head to check out this website, we’ve to warn you that this community is like a quicksand. It’s easy to enter but arduous to come out – so many amazing things out there! It’s a community where data scientists come together and share the best data visualizations they’ve come across.

The Age of Analytics


It’s rock solid article on the untapped potential of Big Data, what it means to businesses and how can companies use analytics to make informed decisions and better their strategic visions and goals. No fluff, the article is spot on.

Data Science and Customer Behavior


One of the toughest mysteries lies is cracking customer behaviour. The very reason why data science fetched such popularity and patronage around the world as it could uncover customer behavior and improve their experience. This article helps you crack that by identifying data sources and implementing ML algorithms.

Data Scientist and Your Younger Self


If had a chance, what would a data scientist ask or say to his younger self? Would he or she be happy for choosing data science or regret the entire decision? What is the knowledge transfer that would happen between the evolved and the evolving? Find out from the eyes of a prominent data scientists.

How to get started with Python for data analysis?


Python is a popular analytics tool that is used globally by data scientists around the world. For a lot of people, especially beginners, it appears a little complex. However, this article helps you get started with Python in the simplest way possible. The article is simple and the one you need to read today.

These articles will keep you updated on diverse analytics topics and will also help you realize newer topics you can read about further. Check them out and if you find an interesting read on data science, share them in your comments.

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