Bright future in the job market for Data Analysts


May 5th, 2016

Analytics is a trend that just refuses to die down. The last five years have seen a massive surge in the use of analytics for mainstream business processes, bringing to the forefront its varied uses and applications. It is no longer a fringe element when deciding the course of an organization; it has now become a central element that is driving new generation workplaces. The flurry of job opportunities this has created has been remarkable, with data analysts being among the top paid bunch of professionals.  

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The market is booming, and how! The demand for data professionals is at an all-time high, with companies across sectors ramping up their recruitments. Data analytics has become a major factor in decision making and this has led to the soaring demand for data analytics professionals. It is not just about new jobs being created; companies are eager to upskill and reskill their existing workforce to be data ready. Several companies and training organizations are hosting and offering analytics boot camps. These events see people being trained on different analytics concepts, from basic data analysis to machine learning and everything else data. This need for competent data analysts has also given rise to numerous universities and educational institutions offering data science and analytics courses either as part of the relevant curriculum or as full-fledged Diploma or Masters degrees. This is not just by few small universities, but by some of the top and most well-reputed ones. Owing to the huge gap in supply and demand, the salaries paid to skilled data analysts has seen a phenomenal rise in the last few years.

Data analyst jobs are one of the top paid jobs worldwide. In the USA, job holders pocket a hefty annual package ranging anywhere between $90,000 to $126,000 depending on job role and organization. It has even been labelled the “hottest corporate job of 2016”. Even if we look at the job scene back home in India, data scientists and analysts still top the best paid jobs list, with reports indicating that a newbie analytics professional can rake in a cool average pay of Rs. 6 lacs per annum (LPA). This figure doubles for someone with over 7 years work experience with packages starting at Rs. 12 LPA and above. From what the trends suggest, the demand and the associated pay for analysts is not going to come down anytime soon.

Data analyst jobs have found takers in industries that normally one wouldn’t expect to be data driven, right from sports and media to gaming and fashion. Data has become ubiquitous and also synonymous with growth, and no company worth its salt looks down on an idea that promotes that. So go ahead, explore the world of data and see it change the way you work.

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