Brexit by the Numbers

Ram Sharan

July 1st, 2016

UK’s EU Referendum has the attention of the entire world. The critical move by the UK populace to leave the European Union has been a shocking outcome and has quite an effect the world over. The pound and euro have fallen and have been fighting the stock markets ever since, some top Indian companies saw their market values come down by a huge margin, the dollar got stronger. We’ve done a quick run of the Brexit numbers and have some interesting findings for you to read.
Brexit Infographic
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Ram Sharan
Data Geek at Jigsaw Academy
An engineer with a love for the written word, Sharan is a Content Marketer and an avid writer. A startup buff with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and analytics, he has worked in various startups at different development phases and has a comprehensive understanding of the technologies of today. He writes about careers and trends in analytics, and the different data related technologies.

A diehard fan of rock music, he is a pop culture and tech nerd, an adventure sports enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed petrolhead.

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