Battle of the Big Data Technologies

Hadoop vs Spark vs storm
Ram Sharan

June 28th, 2016

Apache’s projects have given the world the software tools it deserves. The community ¬†development of Big Data tools has made Apache the breeding ground for developers. Out of this have risen the three most popular Big Data tools – Hadoop, Spark, & Storm. We have done a quick comparison of the three and seen how they fare against each other.

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Ram Sharan
Data Geek at Jigsaw Academy
An engineer with a love for the written word, Sharan is a Content Marketer and an avid writer. A startup buff with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and analytics, he has worked in various startups at different development phases and has a comprehensive understanding of the technologies of today. He writes about careers and trends in analytics, and the different data related technologies.

A diehard fan of rock music, he is a pop culture and tech nerd, an adventure sports enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed petrolhead.

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