Learn SAS for free

Quote – the best things in life are free! Do you agree? For education? With the subject being SAS?

Yes the wonderful news is that the World Wide Web is practically free – save the browsing charges. And SAS users are an extensive and prolific community. A lot many of these are sponsored and managed by SAS itself.

So let’s take a look at the websites which top this list of free resources

  • WPS: – World programming system gives you access to a platform where you can run SAS codes . This is a limited period key but can be instrumental in your journey. http://teamwpc.co.uk/products/wps
  1. Analytics
  2. Query and Reporting
  3. System Administration
  4. Common Programming Tasks
  5. SAS Reference
  6. Third Party
  7. Data Management
  • SAS  Community: – http://www.sascommunity.org/wiki/Main_Page- To quote:- ’sasCommunity.org is an on-going global community effort—created by SAS users for SAS users. This site is a place to find answers, share technical knowledge, collaborate on ideas and connect with others in the worldwide SAS Community’.
  • Questions on Programming and codes

What are the non – web resources you can get practically free?

  • In-house training modules: – If you work in company with an Analytics division, you can get access to the training modules. Perhaps you will need to get the permission of your seniors, but everyone likes a go-getter. So you should meet with success in the endeavour.
  • Senior / Mentor – within or outside your organisation. Could be a senior from college or a colleague in office.

All you need is the motivation, time and discipline to launch yourself into the world of SAS. Bon Voyage!!

If you think you might be interested in a career in analytics take a look at the infographic based on the Analytics Salary and Placement Report released by Jigsaw Academy in 2013, outlining analytics salary trends in India.

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About Subhashini Tripathi

Subhashini has 10 years of diverse experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry , across Risk Management , Business and Marketing Analytics and Designing Management Information Systems . The integration of Analytics and BI with Business Strategy is an area of special interest. She has handled both secured and unsecured loan / cards portfolios with GE Money, Standard Chartered Bank ,Tata Motors Finance and Citi GDM. Softwares used are SAS (Base + EG + JMP) / Answer Tree / Excel / Crystal Ball (HOLOS) Google+

10 thoughts on “Learn SAS for free

  1. Hi i am Base SAS certified candidate with good knowledge of Macros and SQL , looking for oppourtinity. Guide me regarding my Query…

    1. Hi Rohan ,

      I hope you land a good job soon .. pls follow the following steps and keep me posted !!

      You can also look up jobs at :-http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4188073&trk=anet_ug_hm

      Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. – Jim Rohn
      (Read about Jim at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Rohn)

      The FIRST STEP is to identify which jobs you will fit (In business parlance – Identify your target audience) Analytics is a large field and the jobs vary from Data Management to Predictive Analytics and everything in between. So please check the jobs currently on job sites/ Linked in / google etc.. Identify 3 jobs that you want to do. (Please keep an eye on the salary that you want when you are doing this process). Download the Job descriptions and store them for the next stage

      SECOND STEP – See if your resume and expertise matches the Job Requirement / Skill Required in the JDs you have identified above. If yes, then use the words that the recruiter uses to make your resume match the job . Thus, you must customise your resume to match the type of job you are looking for . (In business parlance- Customise your product / offering to suit your customer)
      If no, then figure out how you can get your skill sets to match the jobs identifies. OR identify a different set of jobs that match your current expertise / skill sets!!

      THIRD STEP – Create a set of reading material that you can brush up every week related to the Jobs that you are looking for (see the Job requirement / Skill required section of the resume for this again ) . So when a recruiter calls, you can do well in the telephonic first round. (In business parlance- Customer satisfaction matters. Satisfied customers are most profitable)
      With these basics in place , you are ready to conquer the world of Analytics . All the best !!


  2. Hi Subhasini, I have used SPSS for 10 years+ and will like to learn SAS. I am a professional Statistician and have worked as Evaluator also.

    1. Hi Ramesh – WOW!! This is commendable.

      So with so much experience in Analytics and Applied statistics, are you looking at increasing you conceptual and technical knowledge? Or only your technical knowledge?

      Let me know .. Or call on 9731107798 and we can talk


  3. hi i would like to learn SAS i have just started as a statistician,,finished my M.Sc in Biostatistics and I mainly get to use SPSS for analysis…i passed out only this year..is it the right time to learn SAS or should i gain more experience and learn SAS..kindly advice

    1. Hi Rajalakshmi,

      Great to know you have started out as a statistician. The start of a career is often confusing. If your organization uses SAS , then it is a good idea to pick up the tool as it eases out calculations and time spent on a problem .It Is also the most popular software in the market today and will add into your resume . However, Analytics is an understanding which goes beyond the software. It is an understanding of how to apply statistics in a business scenario and how to interpret the results to make business decisions.
      Hence, perhaps at the start of your career, investing in an analytics course will be worthwhile and will give you an edge over your peers

      You can look up jigsawacademy.com for details on courses.


  4. Hi Subhashini,

    I am a 7+ years experienced software professional currently playing a techno-functional lead (Credit Cards domain on Mainframe platform) in a MNC. Of late I have been looking for a change and I have been exploring Analytics area which sounds promising. I would like to know if it is the right thing and time for me to start in this area. If so, will my experience be of any use and which specific analytics area should I target or focus?
    Could you please provide your guidance in this regard? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Mallik , I think your experience on managing an ERP system backend makes you a very good candidate for Analytics – especially Data Quality and Data Visualisation . Also, you may have been reading of the explosion in data which is leading to a huge demand for data professionals . Would you want to discuss this more ? Call up Sarita at 9008017000. Or me at 9731107798.

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