5 Reasons to Jump into an Analytics Career

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1. Data is the most valuable commodity to any organization today

IDC projects that by 2020 we will have generated 40 zettabytes (ZB) of data. Every industry and every sector has realized the potential of structured and unstructured data and if not already, they plan to employ big data initiatives this year. IDC projects that organizations will increase Big Data spend to $16.9 billion in 2015. In India the industry is predicted to grow 60 times in the next 10 years. Big Data Analytics will become a core business practice for most organizations and they will use it to understand their business and their customers in fundamentally new ways. It is commonly predicted that without the help of data backed insights, companies will lose their power and edge in the marketplace. With data growing at such momentum and taking on such value in an organization, we even go so far as to predict that  soon every function will involve some kind of data analysis and hence there will limited to no growth for those with no data analysis skills.

2. There are hundreds of unfilled data jobs waiting to be filled

The supply demand gap of analytics talent is bigger than there ever was. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a 50 -60% shortage of data geeks. More than 1.5 million managers and analysts who have the ability to understand and make decisions using big data will be needed. In India there will be 200,000 new data related jobs in the next three years. According to statistica.com by 2018 demand will be up to around 440,000 jobs, while supply will be limited to just 300,000 skilled workers. And what happens when you are in demand? You get paid higher salaries, get more perks and your career path is phenomenal. But just how much are salaries in the data industry?

3. Data scientist salaries are higher than IT

Believe it or not, Data Scientists salaries are averaging 15 % higher than IT salaries. They have increased 300% in the last ten years and this trend is only expected to continue as the data industry evolves and innovations in the way data is collected, stored and used increases. According to an information week survey big data practitioners and data scientists are two emerging categories that, while their job descriptions are not consistently defined, are two titles at the top of the pay scale.

In the US the studies showed that the median staff salary for data scientists is $120,000, while the median salary is $87,000 for BI/analytics, $90,000 for big data and $100,000 for data integrating/warehousing.

According to Jigsaw’s 2014 Analytics Salary Report, the average analytics salary in India is 11.1 lakhs per annum. Those professionals who are skilled in SAS, R and Hadoop earn a 10- 20% premium in salary, averaging about 11.6 lakhs per annum.

4. Great potential for career growth

Data Scientists are needed everywhere. You can work in different domains and because of the shortage of analytics talent, as you gain experience you can quickly move up the ladder. As such it is also easier to more quickly move into a strategy related role.

What are the skills a Data Scientiest needs? Take a look at the article The Skills Recruiters Look for When Hiring Analytics Talent.

 5. Great work life balance with a challenging and stimulating work environment

Data scientist ranked highest in a Glassdoor’s study for work life balance. It received a 4.4 rating for on a five-point scale. What’s more, as a data scientist you will be “part analyst, part artist.” Every project will be different. You will look at all sorts of data and then find unique ways to garner insights which you will present in visually stimulating ways. Your insights will bring real change to an organization.

 Want to understand analytics better? Download your free copy of Beginners Guide to Analytics now and take that first step towards a rewarding career.

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One More Reason to Pick up Some Analytics Skills


A day in the life of a Jigsaw Mentor


Most often when I enter the office of the Jigsaw Mentors, it’s to bug them about a blog that was due yesterday, or I am bulldozing them to brainstorm for topics for the next month. (They probably sigh a huge sigh of relief when I head out!). Anyway I have often wondered what a Jigsaw Mentor really does? Yes they make videos, engage with students on chat and take classes at weekends. But what else do they do on a typical day?

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Jigsaw Analytics Meet a Huge Success


Here are the first of the photos from our 2014 Jigsaw Analytics Meet held last month. We could not be more pleased with the turn out for the event.Thanks to all those of you who attended and to our guest speakers, Bhasker Gupta, Santosh Nair, Clarence Wong and Smitha Thenkanidiyur. We had some great discussions and interesting conversations, but the highlight of the day was possibly just seeing each other face to face. For an online training academy, it’s rare that we get to meet and greet our students in person; so it was indeed  wonderful to put names to faces for both students and the Jigsaw team alike. Continue reading

Jigsaw’s Sarita Digumarti Contributes to HR Strategy and Planning

Sarita Digumarti talks about why HR managers need to develop HR Analytics skills in a recent issue of the HR Strategy and Planning- Excellence Essentials, a publication that  helps educate HR departments on trends in strategic planning and analytics, analyzing resource utilization, forecasting capacity, and managing human resources. This publication is distributed to over 200,000 HR professionals.

Read the original article here

16 July

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How I used WPS to Expertly Develop my Language of SAS Skills and Get SAS Certified


Thanks Jigsawite Ashish Jain for submitting this blog. I am sure alot of other students of analytics will benefit from the sharing of your experiences. Ashish is an Analytics Consultant having expertise in SAS and R in multiple domains. He has completed the Foundtion Course in Analytics at Jigsaw Academy and has also completed the executive certification in Business Analytics from IIM Bangalore. He is passionate about Data Analytics and likes to explore data mining software tools and techniques.

A lot of students aspiring to become data analysts often wonder how they can learn and practice SAS coding at home. Of course if they had access to commercial SAS software they would not be in that dilemma, but the reality is that SAS licenses are expensive. I also faced a similar situation five years back.

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Want to know what FB Data Scientists do?

The world has been obsessed with football or soccer as it is called in some parts of the world, for the past month. Data savvy people all over the world have done tons of interesting fun analysis about players, goals, teams and all the other aspects of FIFA. Here is a look at how the Data Scientists at Facebook analyzed which teams are supported among people in each of the 32 participating countries, and more importantly, how support shifted from one team to the next as home teams got eliminated. A really good read for all us data geeks…


14 July 2014


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Big Data in Action- How Modak Analytics, Built India’s First Big Data-Based Electoral Data Repository

It’s always great to learn about the many interesting ways Big Data is used. A recent article by Srikanth RP in InformationWeek, talks about how Modak Analytics built a electoral data repository with the objective of  using this data for analytics and understanding how Big Data platforms and insights thrown up from the analysis can be used to improve governance.
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Checkout What Some Jigsawites Have Been Analyzing- The Competiveness Between Teams Playing FIFA Qualifier and Group Stage Matches


Getting into the spirit of FIFA, a team of students from Jigsaw Academy, recently completed an interesting analysis on the 202 teams that competed in the Qualifying rounds of the FIFA World Cup 2014, out of which 32 teams entered the Group Stage matches. The students, Aditya Chavali, Tanurag Chowdhary, Shyam A, Parindsheel D and Siddarth B, using data from a total of 868 matches (Qualifying stage: 820 & Group Stage: 48) tried to find out which of the two is more competitive and by what parameters.

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Big Data Professionals in Demand.

Capture08Sam Hamilton, PayPal vice-president (Data Technology) in a recent interview in The Hindu talks about the big demand for Big Data today and why educational institutes in India should focus on data analytics in their curriculum.

Read the full article here 

Have a look to our new course on Big Data, Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop 

and R

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Jigsawites use Text Mining to Analyze Election Manifestos


Just before Elections, we definitely had a lot of Questions in mind. The most obvious question was which political party was going to win? Two Jigsawites, Sakshi Batra and Sameer Bhatia, under the mentorship of Abhirami Sankar tried to answer this question and took it up as a project. They decided to thoroughly analyse the various goals of the political parties (from the manifestos). Let’s hear from Abhirami how they approached the project and the analysis they came up with.

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5 Critical Best Practices for a Data Analyst

5 july

If you have decided to begin a career in Data Analytics, by all counts you really have made a good decision. You can look forward to a job that’s is going to be far from boring. Infact get ready to be challenged, as you work on multiple projects that will not only sharpen your skills, but will give you an edge in today’s volatile, highly competitive business environment.

To really succeed however, here are 5 critical best practices, that if followed will help you become a methodical, successful analyst, much in demand in the analytics workspace.

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Jigsaw Featured in Quartz India

Here’s what Gaurav Vohra had to say about the alarming shortage of Data talent in India in the article, Not enough Indians are equipped for the sexiest job of the 21st century by Nayantara Narayanan in Quartz India,  a digitally native news outlet, for business people in the new global economy. “Over the next three years, between 40,000 and 50,000 data analyst positions in India will go unfilled. Analytics is not a niche skill anymore. Analytics is going to become as mainstream as management skills”. Read on for more insights on what kind of companies are hiring data analysts and the kind of salaries data professionals can expect. 


 Please check the  below link for Jigsaw  Academy’s Salary Report  2014

Jigsaw Releases 2014 Salary Report for the India Analytics Industry

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Eat this up….Data Cuisine

data cuisineEveryday we hear of new ways data is used. Some of them are fascinating to say the least. Yet when I read about how Moritz Stefaner makes Data cuisine I was seriously awed. Take a look at the article in www.fastcodesign.com that explains what it is and you are sure to come away hungry and not just for food.

To read the full article click here 

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Jigsaw Featured in DNA- Sarita Digumarti, Co-Founder of Jigsaw Writes About Analytics Careers in 2014

We are happy to share the article that Sarita Digumarti wrote on the scope of analytics careers in  2014, that was published in today’s print edition of DNA. For all those who want to maintain their edge, she says that it’s vital they pick up analytics skills. She also talks about the skills recruiters are looking for and salary trends in the industry.

DNA_Pg 3_June 27th 2014_1


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Thank you Jigsawites for your Reviews

June 26



Here are some of the reviews our Jigsawites have recently posted. We do  love to hear what you have to say about our courses, so please do keep the reviews and suggestions coming in.

Nikhil Kishore

I did the Data Scientist course from Jigsaw Academy in 2013. A very hands on and affordable course, with a power packed course content covering the entire value chain of analytics, right from an overview of analytics, a thorough grounding in the basics of statistics, detailed instruction on advanced statistical techniques like logistic regression, decision trees, clustering and big data analytics. A step-wise and easy to learn training methodology for mastering the R platform, a platform which is inherently not known to be very user friendly. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a thorough grounding in the basics of business analytics.

Praful Tickoo

Amazing faculty with very incisive and useful course content. Very useful for working people who want learn at their own pace. The examples given during the delivery are very pertinent and insightful. Overall I would recommend Jigsaw to anyone who wants to foray into the world of analytics.

Sai Charan

Hi, I am P.Sai Charan Teja(B.TECH CIVIL ENGINEERING)enrolled for foundation course SAS and I completed it successfully. THE NEW LNS provided by jigsaw to students was awesome. Faculty are friendly and helpful to us. The support team was very good and always available. The total jigsaw team was awesome and I loved learning the course through Jigsaw Academy.

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Jigsaw Students ask the Question – What would happen if the World Cup was a League?

Jigsawites Aditya Chawali and Tanurag Chowdhary are soccer fans and like many of you FIFA is dominating their thoughts these days. These two number crunchers thought it would be fun to analyze some soccer data and find out what would happen if a league was drawn based on the all-time performance of various countries? The story they came up with was so interesting that it was published in the sportskeeda website. Please find below the link to the article.


Capture 123

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