The MISB Bocconi – Jigsaw Academy Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA) Takes Off

This past weekend a group of young professionals came together at the MISB Bocconi campus in Powai, Mumbai to begin a ten month program in Business Analytics with a focus on Big Data. This program is India’s first long term Big Data analytics program that has been designed specifically for working professionals who want to earn an international certification while continuing to work.

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Faster Versions of R

As you know, R software is widely used among statisticians and data scientists for statistical computing, data analysis and graphing. One of the major reasons for its popularity is that it is free and open-source, and another one is because of its huge external package support, that lets you solve any statistical problem. In spite of its popularity and numerous advantages however, R software users often complain about the vexing issue of memory. For anyone who works with large datasets, often with just a laptop setup, with 64-bit processor and 4 GB of RAM, they face issues with high computation times and additional memory (e.g., 18GB of RAM) for smooth processing.

faster r

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Women Rock at Data Science

I would like to introduce you, to one of my favourite bloggers, Michael Walker. Michael is a Managing Partner at Rose Business Technologies – a provider of technology, systems integration and professional technical services and he writes frequently on Data Science Central, one of the greatest online resources for Data Analytics and Big Data enthusiasts. Michael’s blogs are really interesting and relevant and give one a great snapshot of the industry.


Today I want to share his blog ‘Why Women Make Great Data Scientists’, where he discusses why Data Science is a great career option for women. I think this is a great read for all you women out there who want to pursue a career in Analytics or Big Data.

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Coriander Leaves, Curry Leaves, Statistics & Analytics…



Analytics is booming in India. There is a lot of demand in every sector to embed data mining into our everyday work. Companies are scrambling for skill sets which would guide them in their business; however, they are not able to find candidates with the right skill sets in India. In a recent survey by LinkedIn, it has been shown that for the past 2 years Analytics has been the most sought after job and stands top among the top 15 hottest jobs across the globe. There has been a monumental rise in the number of employers who look for Data Scientist and Analytics professionals.

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Intuition of Naïve Bayes

Naïve Bayes is one of the most basic machine learning technique used for Classification.

Let’s look at how this algorithm works with an example. In the credit card industry, clients are always looking for methods to help classify customers as good or bad. A good customer is one who does not default on his payments as opposed to a bad customer. Let’s consider two such features (say maybe Income and credit limit of the person) that helps us distinguish between good and bad customers. Let’s plot a scatter plot between them that help us classify the customers.

In the following graph, the red data points represent bad customers and the blue point represents good customers. This you can consider as the training data.

19 1

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Alok Sharma Shares his Thoughts on Why he Applied for the MISB Bocconi Jigsaw EPBA

Sharing an article by IT professional, Alok Sharma, published in Analytics India Magazine. Alok has just been accepted into MISB Bocconi Jigsaw Academy’s Executive Program in Business Analytics. In the article Alok, shares his thoughts on why he decided to invest in some analytics skills.

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Measurement of Trend- Graphic Model

In continuation of our posts on ‘Time Series’, today we will discuss how trends are measured and give you an example of the graphic model used to measure trends.

In the first post on Time Series, Introduction to Time Series Analysis, we discussed that “Trend” is the tendency. The reasons for the measurement of Trend, is to study the behaviour of the variable in the long run. This study is only possible when the Time Series is devoid of all the other components.

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Some Fun Analysis on R Packages

Today’s post is by the team at Vozag, who use data & analytics to better understand the world around us. Their data driven approach often sheds new light on topics we cover. In this article they show us how they analyzed Stack Overflow questions to see which R packages had the highest amount of doubts or questions asked about it. This will help us understand which R topics analysts and data scientists are having the most trouble with, & explore ideas to get better answers faster.

Here is our list of the top 8 R Packages about which the most questions are asked based on Stack Overflow data:

  1. ggplot2

  2. data.table

  3. plyr

  4. knitr

  5. xts

  6. dplyr

  7. lattice

  8. igraph

The below chart illustrates the number of questions answered & the unanswered percentage.

march 12

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Gopal Bang, on “Why the MISB Bocconi Jigsaw – EPBA has the edge.”

This week as we continue profiling our successful applicants from the Jigsaw – MISB Bocconi Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA), we introduce you to Gopal Bang, a highly motivated and successful professional, who caught the analytics bug.

March 121

Gopal is an MBA Finance graduate from Osmania University in Hyderabad and a certified Associate Cost & Management Accountant (ACMA) from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (formerly ICWAI). He kickstarted his professional life at a grass root level 11 years back, and has played multiple progressive roles over the years. He has worked with top notch companies like Bank of America, IVY Comptech and Hitachi Consulting, and he says that the experience he has gained so far in this journey, has been invaluable. Today he works at IT Convergence, as their Offshore Finance Operations Manager, understanding client needs and delivering to them an enhanced experience, through customization of services. Gopal says that this has really been at the core of every role that he has handled and that he believes that this, is truly his forte.

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Gaurav Vohra Featured in Tribune India


Excited to share our CEO, Gaurav Vohra’s article that was published in today’s edition of Tribune India. In the article Gaurav talks about the growing demand for digital marketing professionals, while also outlining the various job profiles in the industry, and the salaries being offered in the market, for good digital analytics talent.

Read the full article in digital form here

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Proc Univariate and Outlier Cutting

When we build statistical models, it is important to cross check the sanity of the data as there is always a risk involved that the data may not be as per expectations. This may lead to biased results and it is best to detect such issues early on in the study. One such anomaly is that of an outlier. Outlier is by definition an improbable value or a value that maybe a slightly far off from the general trend of the existing data. When outliers become extreme observations at either the left or the right it could alter the assumptions made by the statistician about the behaviour of the given population. Note that not all extreme observations are outliers and not all outliers are always extreme observations. Data quality is essential for the trustworthiness of the final analysis.


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Colour Analytics

Today is Holi, the big festival of colour that is celebrated widely in India! While many of you may be celebrating this festival, playfully throwing coloured powder on your friends and relatives, we data geeks at Jigsaw have been talking about ‘Colour Analytics’ and ‘ The importance of colour in Data Visualization’. And ain’t it the perfect day to share some interesting examples and articles we sourced, that have all got to do with colour!

6 march

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“Why study abroad when you can get the same quality education in India?” Madhuprasad Shetty, Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA), MISB Bocconi, Mumbai


Having just finished our initial round of selections for our first cycle of the Jigsaw – MISB Bocconi Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA), we must say we have been impressed with the caliber of candidates. Today we would like to introduce Madhuprasad Shetty, one of the first candidates to be accepted into the program. Lets get to know him and find out exactly why he applied for this program, what he hopes to get out of it and how and why he made the smart decision to get a foreign education while staying put in India.

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