Linda Burtch on the Skills Data Scientists Need

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Linda Burtch, the founder and managing director at Burtch Works, has more than 30 years of experience placing quantitative professionals. In her recent article The Must-Have Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist, Linda has put together a list of technical and non-technical skills that are critical to success in data science, and at the top of hiring managers’ lists. Towards the end of her list, she also gives us a number of resources that can help someone who wants to begin a career in data science. Do take note of the comments section…Thanks Jigsawite Kamraj Subramaniam for adding Jigsaw Academy to the list of resources and commenting as follows”:

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What is Big Data?

25 Nov

Sharing an excerpt of the first chapter of an eBook published by Jigsaw Academy’s Big Data Team, titled ‘Beginner’s Guide to Big Data Analytics’.

This book aims to give one an understanding of Big Data and what makes data big, while also elaborating in simple language the challenges of Big Data, the emerging technologies and the Big Data landscape. The book also gives valuable insights into careers in Big Data and a glimpse into what the future could hold in store for the industry. The book is  a useful companion to those of you enrolled in Jigsaw’s Course ‘Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop and R’. You can use this book to compliment your learning and better understand Big Data.

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Scope of Programmers in Analytics

24 Nov

If you are a programmer and you want to get into world of analytics, up your sleeves and get ready because there are a lot of exciting opportunities and really good work out there for you!

Programming is not just done for building products. In the world of Big Data, Programming is required for Handling Big Data Sets, making sense out of data, getting answers for what and why of the trends/incidents and to smoothen the whole process of doing data analytics.

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Fascinating use of Big Data Analytics by E- Commerce Giant Alibaba

Even though I have been in this industry for a while now and have heard some strange, amusing but all very facinating and interesting uses of Big Data, this had me going WOW. A recent article in Quartz talks about what data scientists at Alibaba found when analyzing underwear sales. You would never guess! Read on for the full story: 


Nov 21


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Understanding Recommendation Engines

Nov 20

Recommendation engines are surely a dream come true for many firms trying to provide targeted customer services across various domains. One of the popular examples worth mentioning is how Target, an American retailing corporation, figured out which of their customers is going to have a baby soon and further offered them with complimentary coupons to buy diapers1. Amazing as it sounds, this in fact was made possible by studying the consumption patterns which many customers leave behind through their store visits over the years. Similarly while making any item purchases through amazon, often you would notice lot of similar item recommendations which is nothing but the output from a recommendation engine set up to monitor your purchase activity, process the data using algorithms and then provide updates about your most likely next purchase. Another popular example would be about the success of Netflix, a movie rental firm, which provides accurate predictions about which movie you are going to watch next2. And by making the right recommendations for their customers, these firms in turn make more revenues through increased and repetitive sales especially from existing customers.

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Differences between Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

Sharing an article on Data Lakes, by Sarita Digumarti, co founder of Jigsaw Academy that was recently posted on LinkedIn. Sarita while talking about data lakes, explains what many of us still don’t understand very clearly- the real difference between data lakes and a more traditional data warehouse.

Read the full article here

Nov 19

If you would like to read more about data lakes take a look at this article by Jigsaw mentor Shilpa Jat that explains all about Data Lakes with Hadoop-Oriented Object Storage



Jigsaw Academy Courses now on Courseplay

We are excited to announce that we have begun working with Courseplay, and two of our courses, Analytics for Beginners’ and Data Scientist Certification will soon be available through their platform.

Courseplay is part of Firstventure Corporation Private Limited, an up-and-coming privately-funded education and training company founded by Arjun Gupta in March 2012. Their mission is to democratize education using agile, affordable and accessible technology and make companies, schools and other organizations scalable.

Nov 18

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All About SAS® OnDemand


Image  credit: By Stuart Miles

SAS facilitates the use of analytical application to businesses, professionals, teachers, students or anybody else and that too for free. SAS OnDemand in particular provides free data management and data analysis tools that professors can use for teaching and students can use for learning.  Faculty and students use SAS software via the internet and process data by connecting to the cloud.
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Explaining Big Data to Kids

big data kids

Its children’s day in India today and the team at Jigsaw sends out wishes to all kids everywhere! And because it’s their special day, we thought it would be awesome to do a post especially for them. And of course because the team at Jigsaw kind of walks and talks Data Analytics and Big Data (even in their sleep), the topic is of course Big Data. What we are going to do is try and explain the concept of Big Data in a way that all you kids can understand.

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Meet Jigsawite Aniruddh Sarkar- Business Systems Analyst turned Data Analyst

Aniruddh is an engineer, has an MBA and began his career in HDFC as a Management trainee. He became aware of analytics through his boss and after researching the field he was hooked. He knew he was a math kind of guy and considering the huge potential that a career in analytics holds, Aniruddh enrolled in Jigsaw Academy for the Foundation Course and hasn’t looked back.

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Jigsaw Academy – November Offers


It is said that Big Data will be a $16.9 Billion Market by 2015. And according to the latest annual ‘hot jobs’ predictions produced by executive search firm, CT Partners, “specialists in big data will not be short of job offers in 2015 and beyond”. In fact they state that, “the influence of digital channels and big data now reach far beyond IT and are fast becoming must-have skills in many other areas of organizational life”.

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It’s official- Big Data is no Longer just Hype

7 Nov

In an article in Silicon Angle titled No more hype: 74 percent of execs say Big Data demands “serious attention”, Mike Wheatley says that Big Data has officially gone mainstream. Findings show that organizations spending at least $10 million on Big Data expect to increase this investment by between 35 and 75 percent in the next four years. Meanwhile, those who have already spent in excess of $50 million on Big Data will ramp things up by between 6 and 28 percent during the same period. The old skepticism it seems, has been replaced by a determination to get Big Data projects up and running as soon as possible.

Big Data Course Comparison by

ID-100146532 By Stuart Miles

Happy and proud to see Jigsaw Academy’s Big Data course featured in this detailed comparison of Big Data courses by The article compares and ranks different big data analytics online courses being offered specifically from training institutes like Jigsaw Academy, Edureka, Simpli Learn and Learning Tree along with professional certifications offered by Cloudera and EMC. The comparisons are done based on 5 different metrics based on whether MapReduce programming concepts are being taught, knowledge provided on working with various Hadoop Components, coverage of methods to perform big data analysis, techniques covered for implementing Machine Learning algorithms and whether particular course has global level recognition.

A great resource for those of you considering a Big Data course. To read the full article click here

Data Analytics Today is also for the Aam Admi

Nov 5

Gaurav Vohra, CEO of Jigsaw Academy in his recent article ‘The ABC of analytics’, in Times, talks about how Data Analytics is increasingly finding its way into the everyday lives of people. He says, “From using fitness apps, to keeping a tab on one’s calories, to buying decisions, data is playing a big role in the everyday lives of many people.”

Asian Institute of Management (AIM) SyCip School Brings InsideMBA to India

Nov 4

Want to know more about AIM’s MBA program? Register for their InsideMBA sessions being held this week and find out all about the program, the scholarship opportunities for Indian nationals, the International Student Exchange Program with top universities in North America and Europe; and the chance to earn a double degree from AIM and the Yale School of Management’s Master of Advance Management Program. The sessions include an Analytics forum where industry experts  like Gaurav Vohra, CEO Jigsaw Academy, Prof. Purba Rao, Author of the book “Business Analytics, an Application Focus” and Prof. Matthew O. Escobido from the Asian Institute of Management discuss Analytics and the Future of Business.

AIM, as the pioneer in international management education in Asia, is sensitive to the emerging needs in the global market. With the way data is changing the face of business everywhere, they are sensitive to the need for skilled manpower in analytics and sophisticated technology in order to remain competitive in a digitally charged future. They hope that these analytics forums will spread awareness of the critical need for everyone to be data savvy,  as well as share insights as to how organizations can realize the full value of their data and what they can do to begin preparing for a vastly different business environment.

 For more details and to register please click here:

Big Data Inno-Lytics


The phrases Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning have become all pervasive at conferences, boardroom meetings and even at water coolers. Everyone has jumped on the band wagon to take their business to the next level; Data Scientists are being hired at the rate of knots, Chief Data Officers have become commonplace and new technologies are being mastered and implemented, no stone has been left unturned.

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