Our ‘Introduction to Analytics and the Language of SAS’ Course on Udemy Crosses the 3000 Mark

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We just had to share this terrific news with you. This week we crossed the 3000 mark and we now have 3355 students enroled for our course ‘Introduction to Analytics and the Language of SAS’ on Udemy. This course is a free course and is part of Jigsaw Academy’s endeavor to evangelize Data Analytics. With the rate at which Data related skills are in demand and owing to the fact that every manager at every level, no matter the sector or industry they are in, needs to be able to understand data, we want everyone to be able to understand the analytics concept and potential of a career in analytics.

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Sharing Testimonials that Spur our Confidence

October 29

Image: freedigitlphotos.net By Stuart Miles

Many of you write in to give us feedback and we cannot stress how very important this is for us and how encouraging it is for the team. It helps in our endeavor to make the learning experience at Jigsaw Academy the best there is. This week, we proudly share some resent reviews that our students posted on google. If you would also like to share your experiences with Jigsaw, please do so here.

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How Jigsaw Academy’s Analytics for Beginners Course was Made

We are happy to share an article recently posted in Analytics India Magazine, by our very own Sushma Bharath, who leads the content development team at Jigsaw Academy. In this post Sushma talks about how she and her team went about creating Jigsaw Academy’s bestselling course, ‘Analytics for Beginners’.

October 28


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Word Clouds

What are word Clouds?

Word Clouds are used for visual representation of a text document. They are very popular because they help us easily spot the most frequently occurring words. The more frequent the word is used, the larger and bolder it is displayed.

Here are two examples of a word cloud, one of the BJP Manifesto and the other of the Congress Manifesto 2014. Let’s analyze them…


A quick glance at the word cloud gives us an idea of what BJP’s top focus was — Technology and Education whereas Congress’ focus was Women Empowerment.

Find out how Jigsaw students used Text Mining to Analyze 2014 Election Manifestos

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How Data Analytics Help Cut New Orleans’s Murder Rate by 20%


All of us in the data analytics field generally keep abreast of how analytics is transforming the business space. Jigsawites, are encouraged to read all about the latest tools and developments regularly and ensure that their skill set is relevant. In the background somewhere though, we are all also very aware that data analytics is impacting us at a more personal level, but how many of us take the time to stay abreast of these developments?

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Jigsaw Academy CEO Quoted in Economic Times

21 Oct

Payal Ganguly, of the ET Bureau in her article IT trainers update courses with big data certifications & analytics talks about how analytics talent in the booming Data Analytics and Big Data industry is focusing on gaining relevant skills in demand by the industry. As such startups focused on providing such training, in India , are adding data analytics and big data certifications to serve the market. Our CEO Gaurav Vohra is quoted in the article as saying, ”My previous work was to source teams for analytics for companies abroad and would end up hiring people with Master’s degree in Statistics and had to train them as they did not have right skill-sets for analytics. The demand in the analytics and big data sector has been on an upswing for ten years now,”

The Collection and Collation of Data: Tips for the Business Analyst

collection of data

Data is the new oil”i is a phrase that is commonly being heard on TV and read in the print media. An interesting article in HBRii says that the comparison is not really valid given that data is “the ultimate renewable resource”. However there is no denying the tremendous value that data can provide if used in the right way. The average person is not aware of what happens with all the data that they provide to retailers, restaurateurs , on Facebook, on Google etc. and therefore may not appreciate the extent to which organizations are dependent on this data to be both relevant and successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace. What is increasingly apparent is that the value in the data can be realized at the end of an extensive process of collection, collation and analysis and frankly there are simply no short cuts to realizing sustainable benefits.

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Big Data Analytics and the Race to Control the Spread of Ebola

I am far far away from the epicenter of the Ebola crisis and yet this deadly virus is making a very large impact on me. Anytime now my husband who is a humanitarian could be called to the frontlines, to assist with the massive global effort to control the spread of the disease. And though it’s scary, this is his job and so we must accept it. However in preparation perhaps, I am psychotically reading up on Ebola. It’s become almost an obsession and I dig out and find every article and blog that’s being published on the latest developments on the fight with Ebola.

Being in the Data analytics and Big Data field I am heartened to see just how data is impacting the effort. In recent weeks, there have been some very interesting articles that have explained the role of Big Data in the Ebola control effort. I would like to share with you bit sand pieces from these articles, just so that you can get a sense of the importance of data and how in the years to come, this sector will have an even larger role to play in the detection and control of such outbreaks and epidemics.

October 17

Mobile phone data from West Africa is being used to map population movements and predict how the Ebola virus might spread.

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Memory Management in R and how it Handles Big Data

16 October

R is a very efficient open-source language in Statistics for Data Mining, Data Preparation, visualization, credit-card scoring etc. However the biggest drawback of the language is that it is memory-bound, which means all the data required for analysis has to be in the memory (RAM) for being processed. In the world of exponentially growing size of data, organisations are reticent to deploy R beyond research mainly due to this drawback.

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Introducing Jigsaw’s ‘Dimension Reduction Techniques’ Course

Jigsaw is happy to announce the launch of their new course ‘Dimension Reduction Techniques’. This short advanced course teaches dimension reduction techniques like Factor Analysis, Principal Component Analysis and Discriminant Analysis. Students will learn to identify latent factors as well as to tackle problems of high dimensionality in data prep processing stages, while also applying these advanced analytic techniques to multiple case-studies.

Take a look at the below video and see how Jigsaw uses simple language and an interesting approach to teach these techniques.

Now let’s find out more about the course…

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Big Data, Analytics and Mobile: The Future of Digital Tech.


We welcome Saurabh Tyagi, our guest blogger this week.  Saurabh is a blogger with interests in various new media technologies. He made a radical shift from his core engineering degree to this world of internet. A self-confessed gadget freak and social media enthusiast, he keenly follows the latest trends in the tech world and aspires to be a complete Internet expert and a technology maven in the long run. His articles offer resume advice to professionals who are interested in making their career in data analytics, inbound marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO and other internet related fields.

In this post Saurabh talks about how the world around is increasingly becoming connected. From mobiles to wearable technology, we have heard and probably even have it all. It’s not just our personal space that is surrounded by digital technology, our work lives are also increasingly affected by the same. But what exactly is the future?

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Jigsaw Academy Ranked No. 1 Analytics Training Institute in India in the 2014 Analytics India Magazine Ranking

Analytics India Magazine has just published their 2014 Ranking of Top Analytics Training Institutes in India and for the second consecutive year Jigsaw Academy is No. 1. The ranking was based on an an elaborate, rigorous exercise that evaluated all institutes that provide education on analytics (and related skillsets), on various parameters like course content, pedagogy, external collaborations and faculty. We are extremely proud and delighted to share this news with you and thank all of Team Jigsaw for the tremendous effort they put in day after day to keep us at the top. And to the more than 10,000 students who have passed through the Jigsaw portals, we thank you for your hard work and dedication. You go out there, armed with the skills we teach you and prove yourselves in the analytics arena. You make us proud and inspire us to do what we do. Cheers to us all!

Read the full artice here: Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India – Ranking 2014

AIM ranking pic

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Are we all prepared for the ‘Internet of Things’?


Another buzz word that is proving that it’s more than just hype. Slated to be the ‘gamechanger’ of the next decade, it has tremendous potential to change the way we live. Today I would like to share an article with you that explains just how important a trend this is and why and how it will have an impact on the Big Data and Analytics Industry. Published in http://www.bizcommunity.com/ and titled, It’s coming… The Internet of Things  by Danette Breitenbach , the article states that “Big data could have been invented for the Internet of Things and it will produce realms of data. How that data is used and managed will be the challenge. Do we even have people who can make sense of the data?”  Very pertinant for all those in data analytics or those thinking about a career in data analytics. Just how will the IoT impact your career? Read the full article here:

What’s Jigsaw’s New ‘VBA For Reporting and Analytics’ Course all About?


If you have visited our website recently, you will notice that we have some new additions to our list of advanced courses. One of them is the VBA For Reporting And Analytics course. Well for those of you whose curiosity is piqued here is a low down of what the course teaches, who it’s for, what it costs and lots more. Also take a look a sample video and see for yourself how easy to understand we make or courses.

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How to Make it in Analytics Even if you are not an Engineer

Interview01 copy

Predictive analytics, machine learning and data analysis in general deals with quantitative techniques and statistical and mathematical modelling of data to help businesses build data driven solutions to a variety of business challenges. The skill sets required for roles in this area include a strong background in quantitative techniques, and an understanding of business rules and operations.

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Keeping your Analytics Talent Motivated & Productive

It is my great pleasure to introduce our guest blogger this week, Sameer Dhanrajani, Business Leader, Cognizant Analytics, Cognizant Technology Solutions. Sameer is spearheading the Cognizant Analytics practice and is primarily responsible for crafting differentiated strategies around analytics consulting, platforms and services coupled with creating best of breed GTM, business development, operational excellence solutioning exercises and delivering transformational analytics engagements. A recognized industry thought leader in outsourcing and analytics space, Sameer has a proven senior leader track record of 17 years in various leadership roles. Prior to Cognizant, Sameer was the Country Head, Fidelity National Financial. Analytics India Magazine recently named Sameer as one of the 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders in India. Thank You Sameer for this post which has some great insights for analytics leaders. And for those of you starting an analytics career, this article will open your eyes as to what you can expect from your bosses and your work environment.


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Top Big Data and Analytics Trends for 2014

A perfect infographic to share with you on a Friday morning. Oracle presents the Top trends for the Big data and Analytics industry for 2014. For those of you in the analytics industry, whether it’s Mobile or Cloud or Big Data or Predictive Analytics, you are in the right place and so you can spend the weekend feeling happy and dream of a successful, fulfilling and challenging career ahead of you. For those contemplating a career in analytics this infographic will dispel any doubts and you can spend the weekend (in between the festivities) understanding the various sectors where the demand for analytics skills is at a crazy new high.

Take a look at the infographic here



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