Attend Jigsaw’s Q&A Session and Find Out all There is to Know About a Career in Analytics


Jigsaw Academy is India’s leading online analytics training company. Our courses are acknowledged by the industry as the “best in class” in the field of business analytics.

Attend our upcoming Q & A session and clarify any questions you have about a career in analytics. Also get specific information about our courses in analytics or Big Data and find out which course is the right one for you.

We recommend viewing the per-session videos so that you get more time with the expert to ask specific questions.

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Session Details:

Date: Saturday, 22 May, 2015

Time: 10.30 a.m -12.30 p.m

Session Link:

Location: Virtual classroom

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5 Reasons Why Web Analytics is a Super Career Option

So, what’s still the big buzzword of the decade? Do you see e-commerce companies mushrooming like never before? Well…yes! Data Analytics is still HOT, and Data Analysts are still in big demand! One type of analyst, the Web Analyst is still definitely in the ‘Most Wanted’ category, especially in the e-commerce industry. It is a great career option mainly because: Continue reading

Why the Attention Web or CPH is Causing Much Excitement in the Web Analytics World


Like many things the ‘Attention Web’ or ‘Cost per Hour’ metric began as an idea. Now it is official and one of it’s first users, the Financial Times has begun experimenting with it to analyze the effectiveness of ads on its website and mobile app. 

This idea is revolutionary and is sure to cause much debate and a little bit of chaos in an industry that has been  successfully measuring results by traffic, unique visitors and clicks.

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Sneak Peak at Jigsaw’s Web Analytics eBook: Latest Tools, Technologies and Great Career Advice


It’s almost here! The Web Analytics Team at Jigsaw Academy is excited to give you a sneak preview of their upcoming eBook on Web Analytics. The eBook is particularly useful to all of you to want to understand web analytics and explore a career in it. In it you will find lots of useful information and you will not only get a clear understanding of what  web analytics is, but you will also comprehend just how web analytics can impact a business. It also explores popular web analytics tools and has a special career section that talks all about the skills you need to launch your career . At the end of the book, you will also find a list of really useful resources, in terms of blogs, books and videos.

Okay, so let’s wet your appetite! Presenting a small part of Chapter 1 …

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Want to Know How to Enter a Matrix in R but Have Only Two Minutes to Spare?

Image-Matrices with R-kafeel 27april

If yes, here is a quick tutorial…

Let’s begin by understanding a Matrix. Well, a Matrix is an array of numbers, in a combination of rows and columns. The size of a matrix is defined by the number of rows and columns that it contains.  A matrix with an m rows and n columns is called an m x n matrix or m-by-n matrix, while m and n are called its dimensions, denoted by [a_ij]

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Would You Call Joseph Jagger, the Guy Who ‘Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’ a Data Scientist?

Way back in 1830, Joseph Jagger, an engineer with an analytical mind, began researching the mechanisms of roulette wheels, one of his passions. He suspected that the results of each roulette spin might not be the result of purely random sequences. He wondered, “Is there a system, do the balls have a pattern, were some numbers likely to come up more than others?”

What did he do next? Watch this video and find out

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Avinash Raja Gopal:Once a Unix Administrator…Now a Big Data Unicorn

avinashI recently read an article in Diginomica, where Geoffrey Taylor, academic program manager at business analytics firm SAS was quoted as saying “Those precious few with the knowledge and experience to drive analytics without crashing – the data scientists – are as rare as “unicorns”. It’s true…It’s not technology that is holding back organizations trying to get the most out of Big Data analytics, but a lack of talent. Almost every big organization today has got on the Big Data wagon and is spending big money on Big Data projects. This means that all these companies are looking for Big Data specialists. They are willing to pay them high salaries but the problem is that there just aren’t enough unicorns to fill these positions.

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Sentiment Analysis: Are all Opinion Reviews Truthful ?

Sentiments expressed in online news, comments, reviews, etc plays a vital role in today’s business. The public is increasingly more likely to buy the product of a business, when it has positive reviews on e-commerce and social media websites. For instance, people tend to buy a book which has 4 and up star rating on sites such as Flipkart and Amazon.

However awareness is spreading about bought and paid reviews on the web and today many customers have started to think, “Is this review a fake one?” Yes, its hard to believe but true! Services such as and will give you a good review; for a price ofcourse.


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Ecommerce Hiring on the Rise. Find Out Why?

Sohini Bagchi in her article in CXO yesterday, talks about what is fueling the booming e-commerce sector in India today. She says that the ‘Hyper growth of mobile customers’ is definitely one of the main reasons. She goes on to quote Gaurav Vohra, CEO Jigsaw Academy as saying, “As more people are logging on to e-commerce portals, companies are hiring aggressively and are also offering lucrative salaries to attract the right technology talents, in the areas of cloud, analytics and data mining,”

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5 Super Tips to Improve Your Linear Regression Models


Fun Fact- Do you know that the first published picture of a regression line illustrating this effect, was from a lecture presented by Sir Francis Galton in 1877. In fact it is said that it is he, who first coined the term linear regression. Galton was a pioneer in the application of statistical methods to measurements in many branches of science. He spent years studying data on relative sizes of parents and their offspring in various species of plants and animals. One of his most famous observations was that: a larger-than-average parent tends to produce a larger-than-average child, but the child is likely to be less large than the parent in terms of its relative position within its own generation.

Well today Linear Regression Models are widely used by Data Scientists everywhere for varied observations. In this blog post I am going to let you into a few quick tips that you can use to improve your linear regression models.

  1. Fit many models

Firstly build simple models. Using many independent variables need not necessarily mean that your model is good. Next step is to try and build many regression models with different combination of variables. Then you can take an ensemble of all these models. This might help you arrive at a good model.

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Google Cloud Bigtable Makes Big News in the Big Data World


The Big Data space has been abuzz today with news of Google’s Cloud Bigtable
being opened to business customers as a cloud-based service. Cloud Bigtable will enable storing of large amounts of data online, allowing organizations to execute big data analysis as a cloud service. What’s more, Google says that this service will be priced lower that their competitor’s NoSQL. Continue reading

Taken a Career Break? Catch the Attention of Recruiters by Adding These Hot Skills to Your Resume!

This article was originally posted in Silicon India.


A lot of working women take a 1 to 5 year mid-career break in order to look after their children when they are very young. Once the kids grow up, many women want to resume their careers, but very often hit a wall – their skills (especially if in the technical field) are considered obsolete, or they may not have experience with the latest tools or practices prevalent in their industries.

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The Devastating Nepal Earthquake: Big Data to the Rescue



This past week all our thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Nepal. Though rescue efforts continue day and night, the death toll is rising, and many remote areas are still not accessible. With India and other neighboring countries, countless NGO’s and foreign governments, as well as the UN on the ground, doing their best in a race against time, we can only hope that may more are saved and that the herculean task of rebuilding their lives can begin.

Through it all, it has been heartening to see that Data has and will continue to play a crucial role in the whole rescue effort. We came upon a fascinating article in Wired, that talks about how to date, 2,182 digital volunteers have been trawling 14,700 km2 worth of high resolution satellite imagery to identify 3,128 damaged buildings. Using data and satellite maps they helped the first responders’ even before they hit the ground.

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Can Retailers Leverage In-store Shopping Using Mobile Commerce?


In the past 2 years, the share of search through Mobile has gone up and so have the Social Media advertising revenues. Customers are shopping on-the-go and the digital buyer journey has been redefined to incorporate location-based marketing with the rising importance of Mobile. Smartphones are increasingly being used as Shopping Assistants and local in-store shopping is on the rise.

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Want to Upskill? Where’s the Best Place to get Trained in Big Data and Data Analytics?

weekProud and happy to share a snippet from the cover story by Sharmista Chaudhury, that was recently published in the print and online edition of The Week. Jigsaw Academy has found a mention in the article that talks about why skill development is critical for the growth of the Indian industry. In a column titled ‘Time to Upgrade’, Jigsaw Academy is listed as the institute to go to for Big Data or Analytics training.

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This Data Scientist is Using Big Data to Analyze the Potential for Terrorist Attacks at 1,000 Pakistani Schools

ID-10040013I am always intrigued to see how varied and innovative Data Scientists are becoming. I would like  to share this recent article in datanami that features Data Scientist Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani, who is working with the United Nations to analyze the potential for terrorist attacks at 1,000 Pakistani schools. Continue reading