“Why study abroad when you can get the same quality education in India?” Madhuprasad Shetty, Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA), MISB Bocconi, Mumbai


Having just finished our initial round of selections for our first cycle of the Jigsaw – MISB Bocconi Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA), we must say we have been impressed with the caliber of candidates. Today we would like to introduce Madhuprasad Shetty, one of the first candidates to be accepted into the program. Lets get to know him and find out exactly why he applied for this program, what he hopes to get out of it and how and why he made the smart decision to get a foreign education while staying put in India.

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“Jigsaw was literally a turning point in my career” Kaushik Anantharaman


As you know, as part of our four year anniversary celebrations, we have been re connecting with some of our first students. Today we would like to introduce Kaushik Anantharaman, one of our first Jigsawites, who, after the Jigsaw course was able to make a shift from a Sales/Marketing profile to Analytics. It was wonderful catching up with him and finding out how studying at Jigsaw, made a positive impact on his career. Happy to share some excerpts from our chat…

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Jigsaw’s New Refer and Earn Program


One of the things we have noticed and appreciated most about our students at Jigsaw Academy, is that they are great brand ambassadors. World over we have students signing up for our courses and when asked, “What brought you to Jigsaw?” They say, “Well a friend recently did one of your courses and referred me here.”

These simple word-of-mouth recommendations has helped us grow, motivated us to be better, expand our offerings and meet our customer expectations.

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Jigsaw Academy Announces the Winners of the ValueLabs Data Analysis Competition

Jigsaw Academy and ValueLabs, a global IT services company that provides Technology / process consulting, Software product development, Testing, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services are proud to announce the three finalists of the Data Analysis Competition held for the Jigsaw Academy students of 2014.


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Can India Breed Smart Cities?








Image courtesy www.freedigitalphoyos.net by Stuart Miles

Though I call myself a global nomad, I’ll let you into a little secret. Of all the cities I’ve lived in across Europe, Africa and Asia, Bangalore is my most favourite. So every morning as I skim the news, I particularly keep an eye out for Bangalore articles. And so, it was with much interest that I read this article, in todays edition of Business Standard Cisco gears up for ‘smart’ India play, in which Bibhu Ranjan Mishra talks about how CISCO’s office in Bangalore is a great example of a smart city. The article goes on to give some really cool examples of how the CISCO office practices ‘smart’, while also telling us just how the company is engaging with the government  in areas of smart urban planning. In fact they estimate this whole market to be at least $3 trillion globally and believe that India can be the next best opportunity. So let’s hope that Bangalore can lead the way and be India’s first true smart city!

Do read the full article here

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An Interview with Ganapathy G.- Jigsawite -Big Data Specialist Course

Last month we were thrilled to receive this feedback from Jigsawite Ganapathy G., who is enrolled in the August batch of the Big Data Specialist course.

Ganapathy…your testimonial has made us feel on top of the world! Being able to actually make an impact on the professional lives of our students is a number one priority for us and we thank you for letting us know that we have. We wish you the best and look forward to keeping in touch and cheering you on as you progress and succeed in your career

19 Feb

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Using Pipes in R

By: Gunnvant Singh, Faculty at Jigsaw

Let’s be honest, once you start doing serious data wrangling in R, the code starts appearing ugly. One of the reason for this is the functional nature of R. In order to accomplish a decent data manipulation task one has to write nested functions. Now, writing nested functions is not that difficult, what’s difficult is reading them!!! Sample the code below:

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Machine Learning in Hadoop

One of the vital components of Data Analytics is Machine learning. Machine learning is significantly used in the medical domain for cancer predictions, natural language processing, search engines, recommendation engines, bio-informatics, image processing, text analytics and much more.

17 Feb

Image courtesy: Hugo Penedones

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Jigsaw Academy- February Offers

Just want to remind you all of some of the super offers we have for you this month:

16 feb

10% discount on Advanced Specializations:

If you really want to take your career to that next level, it’s time to start thinking about gaining some advanced analytics skills. Well you’re in luck! This month we are offering a 10% introductory discount for all those who enroll for our advanced specialization courses in Data Science, Big Data and Financial Analytics. Want more information? Click here now

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A New Field in Analytics for Those in Love- Intimanalytics

FB Cover 03_AY_Feb 14

Well it’s Valentine’s day! The past week the whole world over, people have been thinking about how to make the day special for their loved ones and what gifts to surprise them with. I on the other hand, being the data analyst that I am, have been thinking about how great it would be if someone developed this analytic tool that captured and analyzed data about your loved one (or potential loved one). Well I know this might seem crazy, but I even have a name for the tool ‘Intimanalytics’ and if I had my way, here’s what it would do:

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We Have New Look…Jigsaw Academy Launches a New Website


Well if you have been on our website in the last week or so, you already know that we have a new and special experience for all who visit our site. Well today we are officially letting all of you know that we have launched a new site at Jigsaw Academy and welcome all of you to come try it out.

In this post we would really like to tell you all about the new website, why we made certain changes, what’s new and what kind of experience you can look forward to when visiting our site. Well, who better to tell you all about it than our very own Sushma Bharath, who was at the epicenter of it all. Over to you Sushma…

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Course Video- Introduction to Web analytics

If you have been seriously considering a career in web analytics, you are one smart cookie. Indeed it is one of the more promising careers of 2015, and potential for growth is phenomenal as the business world grows increasingly data-driven and digitally skewed. Today we are happy share the first video from our Web Analytics course. The video will give you a quick introduction to Web Analytics. Find out what we mean by the term web analytics, why it can be useful to businesses and what kind of businesses use web analytics.

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Data Science for Social Good: Jigsaw Faculty P.V. Kiran Tells us About his Experience at DataKind Blr – Project Accelerator Night

We sure have a versatile team of faculty at Jigsaw Academy, and we encourage them to go out and use their data science skills for more than just training and mentoring Jigsawites. We were thus really happy when Kiran told us that he was attending the DataKind Bangalore- Project Accelerator Night last month. Thanks Kiran for sharing your experience with us.

6 feb

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