The Devastating Nepal Earthquake: Big Data to the Rescue



This past week all our thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Nepal. Though rescue efforts continue day and night, the death toll is rising, and many remote areas are still not accessible. With India and other neighboring countries, countless NGO’s and foreign governments, as well as the UN on the ground, doing their best in a race against time, we can only hope that may more are saved and that the herculean task of rebuilding their lives can begin.

Through it all, it has been heartening to see that Data has and will continue to play a crucial role in the whole rescue effort. We came upon a fascinating article in Wired, that talks about how to date, 2,182 digital volunteers have been trawling 14,700 km2 worth of high resolution satellite imagery to identify 3,128 damaged buildings. Using data and satellite maps they helped the first responders’ even before they hit the ground.

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Can Retailers Leverage In-store Shopping Using Mobile Commerce?


In the past 2 years, the share of search through Mobile has gone up and so have the Social Media advertising revenues. Customers are shopping on-the-go and the digital buyer journey has been redefined to incorporate location-based marketing with the rising importance of Mobile. Smartphones are increasingly being used as Shopping Assistants and local in-store shopping is on the rise.

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Want to Upskill? Where’s the Best Place to get Trained in Big Data and Data Analytics?

weekProud and happy to share a snippet from the cover story by Sharmista Chaudhury, that was recently published in the print and online edition of The Week. Jigsaw Academy has found a mention in the article that talks about why skill development is critical for the growth of the Indian industry. In a column titled ‘Time to Upgrade’, Jigsaw Academy is listed as the institute to go to for Big Data or Analytics training.

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This Data Scientist is Using Big Data to Analyze the Potential for Terrorist Attacks at 1,000 Pakistani Schools

ID-10040013I am always intrigued to see how varied and innovative Data Scientists are becoming. I would like  to share this recent article in datanami that features Data Scientist Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani, who is working with the United Nations to analyze the potential for terrorist attacks at 1,000 Pakistani schools. Continue reading

Open Data frameworks can Positively Impact the Economy, and Find You the Perfect Parking Spot

open dataIn a TED talk featured at TEDxNewYork on November 2014, Ben Wellington gave an interesting presentation on how their team found the worst place to park in New York City using big data. Ben Wellington runs the “I Quant NY” blog, in which he crunches New York city-released data and brings out interesting insights on various socio-economic problems. In his talk, Ben highlights the importance of why data related to various aspects of urban life, acquired by many NY city agencies needs to be accessible to the general public. He further stressed on the need for this freely available data to be in easy to handle file formats such as csv, excel, and not in formats like pdf, docx which would require extensive data cleaning before any meaningful analysis can be performed on them. He concludes by emphasizing the need to answer various unexpected questions related to urban life, which city agencies generally won’t consider addressing in their periodical reports, questions like when is the rush hour traffic highest in NY City, which intersections are the most dangerous for cyclists or where the dirtiest waterways in the city are.

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If You’re a Data Analyst you Should Read this Review of Hadley’s readr 0.1.0 Right Now


I must admit that I am a big fan of Hadley Wickham and his packages. So the moment I heard that his new readr() package was out on CRAN,  I decided to check it out.

What I thought would be exciting to do was compare the file read times of readr()’s read_csv() function with that of data.table()’s fread() and base R function read.csv(). To do this, I chose my linux machine with 4 GB Ram and a very old core II duo processor.

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What can you do to Ensure Net Neutrality?

Of late there has been an uproar across the country about Net Neutrality. As the debate rages on, we at Jigsaw want to boldly clarify that we support complete Net Neutrality. As an online analytics training company, our courses are accessible to people anywhere with an internet connection, whether in a city or in a remote town or village. As such it is imperative that no matter where our students are, or whatever their internet plan, they are able to access our video based courses without any impediments.


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4 Must Read Web Analytics Books That Will Help you Take Charge of Your Career

Interested in Web Analytics? Want to begin to understand what Web Analytics is all about but don’t know where to start? Well don’t despair. We know how overwhelming it can be, so are here to help. We have compiled a list of the top four Web Analytics books out there that will give you a great head start into the wide, wonderful world of Web Analytics.

web analytics books (1)

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Want to use R, but are stuck because your Data Set is too large? We have a solution

Are you a data scientist who loves working with R, mainly because it is free and open source? However do you run into a wall when the datasets you are working with are really large? Well, we have a solution for you. Our faculty Kiran P.V who is a Big Data expert, will in this post, tell you about some popular R Packages that are great for working with distributed Big Data platforms.


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These IIM Udaipur Students are Ensuring They are Going to be One of the First Placed. Find Out How?

How many of you have a BTech in Computer Science and began your career as a programmer in the IT industry? Did you get restless after a few years? Felt the need to take your career to another level and so went on to do an MBA?

MBA+AnalyticsVidit Mongia, a student at IIM Udaipur had a similar journey. Bored of his programming profile, he decided to take charge of his career and pick up skills that would lead him to a more strategic role in an organization. He joined IIM Udaipur but soon realised that there was one other vital skill set that he needed, to ensure that he really had the edge, a skill that recruiters would be looking for at placements.

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Find out how Hypothesis Testing Helped Indict a Nurse for Murder

Ever heard of a Criminal or Forensic analyst? Well it’s one of those slightly off the beaten track exciting and challenging data analyst careers, and involves systematic analysis for identifying and analyzing patterns and trends in crime and disorder.


We have seen an increasing effort by law enforcement establishments to fight and control crime using data analytics in the last decade. Information on patterns can help law enforcement agencies deploy resources more effectively, and help in identifying and apprehending suspects, sometime even before a crime is committed. Crime analysis can also help in devising solutions to crime problems in a society.

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A Two Minute Guide to the Top Three Hadoop Distributions

Right now, Apache Hadoop open-source distribution is the most popular big data solution available in the industry, which provides distributed data storage and parallel processing capabilities. It helps various enterprises to process and analyse both structured and unstructured data for extracting useful business insights. Hadoop Ecosystem consists of many components like Pig, Hive and HBase, each one with its own unique advantage related to big data processing.

hadoop distributions (1)

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Tips to Crack That Data Analytics Job Interview and Start Earning Big Bucks

Have you been applying for data analytics jobs? Well how do you feel when you get that all important call back asking you to attend an interview? Elated and excited, but just a little bit tense as well? Well it’s natural, but what you do need to do is some very specific preparation before the interview, so that you go in well prepared and ready to nail it.


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The Benefits of Mainframe Data Virtualization

We welcome guest blogger Mike Miranda, who writes about enterprise software and covers products offered by software companies like Rocket Software.

Data is only growing and coming at businesses faster and faster, whether it’s Big Data, which is always in the headlines, or streaming data, legacy data, or something else. The impact of this data is hard to overestimate, as whole industries and institutions are being remade by it. This only underscores how important it is for every business to have a comprehensive plan for dealing with data, leveraging it to businesses’ advantage.



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